Since 2014, Sydney Deaf & Hard of Hearing Photographers has grown over time, gaining access to voluntary opportunities offered by other community organisations for photography activity.



Sydney Deaf & Hard of Hearing Photographers (SDHP) was established in 2014 by deaf freelance photographer, Sue Wright

SDHP explores different themes and perspectives of photography through Auslan (Australian Sign Language) in regular meet ups. It is the first group of its kind in Australia.

SDHP works collaboratively with organisations with the aim to achieve access and equity for deaf and hard of hearing photographers.

I am passionate about art, and I use photography to tell my story I especially like to experiment with double exposure and photo collage.

As a deaf person, I’m a visual person and I rely sign language, Auslan (Australian Sign Language) for communication.

In the past, I’ve attended photography meet ups organised by hearing people but it was not the same culture as deaf’s world. Now we get regularly 7-10 deaf people attending our monthly meet up and it has broader their skills into something they never done before because of the communication. That communication make a lot easier for them to share knowledge and formed friendships. It’s much more relaxed environment.
— Sue Wright, Founder

What We've Achieved

  • Two workshops with Campbelltown Arts Centre's 'Photography & Stories' in 2017, a professional development for emerging deaf and hard of hearing photographers with Auslan interpreters. 
  • Seven weeks photography course with TAFE with over 13 deaf & hard of hearing students with Auslan interpreters and notetaker.  
  • SDHP's first exhibition in 2017, "your photography, your style"with seven photographers from our group.
  • SDHP's first stall at Deaf Festival in 2016.
  • Successful grant with Accessible Arts' Artist Run Initiative Project in 2016.
  • Over 200 members and growing.